Class MetadataImport

  extended by

public class MetadataImport
extends Object

Metadata importer to allow the batch import of metadata from a file

Stuart Lewis

Constructor Summary
MetadataImport(Context c, ArrayList<DSpaceCSVLine> toImport)
          Create an instance of the metadata importer.
Method Summary
static void main(String[] argv)
          main method to run the metadata exporter
 ArrayList<BulkEditChange> runImport(boolean change, boolean useWorkflow, boolean workflowNotify, boolean useTemplate)
          Run an import.
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Constructor Detail


public MetadataImport(Context c,
                      ArrayList<DSpaceCSVLine> toImport)
Create an instance of the metadata importer. Requires a context and an array of CSV lines to examine.

c - The context
toImport - An array of CSV lines to examine
Method Detail


public ArrayList<BulkEditChange> runImport(boolean change,
                                           boolean useWorkflow,
                                           boolean workflowNotify,
                                           boolean useTemplate)
                                    throws MetadataImportException
Run an import. The import can either be read-only to detect changes, or can write changes as it goes.

change - Whether or not to write the changes to the database
useWorkflow - Whether the workflows should be used when creating new items
workflowNotify - If the workflows should be used, whether to send notifications or not
useTemplate - Use collection template if create new item
An array of BulkEditChange elements representing the items that have changed
MetadataImportException - if something goes wrong


public static void main(String[] argv)
main method to run the metadata exporter

argv - the command line arguments given

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