Interface Summary
UpdateAction Interface for actions to update an item

Class Summary
ActionManager Container for UpdateActions Order of actions is very import for correct processing.
AddBitstreamsAction Action to add bitstreams listed in item contents file to the item in DSpace
AddMetadataAction Action to add metadata to item
BitstreamFilter Filter interface to be used by ItemUpdate to determine which bitstreams in an Item acceptable for removal.
BitstreamFilterByBundleName BitstreamFilter implementation to filter by bundle name
BitstreamFilterByFilename BitstreamFilter implementation to filter by filename pattern
ContentsEntry Holds the elements of a line in the Contents Entry file Based on private methods in ItemImport Lacking a spec or full documentation for the file format, it looks from the source code that the ordering or elements is not fixed e.g.: 48217870-MIT.pdf\tbundle: bundlename\tpermissions: -r 'MIT Users'\tdescription: Full printable version (MIT only) permissions: -[r|w] ['group name'] description:
DeleteBitstreamsAction Action to delete bitstreams Undo not supported for this UpdateAction Derivatives of the bitstream to be deleted are not also deleted
DeleteBitstreamsByFilterAction Action to delete bitstreams using a specified filter implementing BitstreamFilter Derivatives for the target bitstreams are not deleted.
DeleteMetadataAction Action to delete metadata
DerivativeTextBitstreamFilter Bitstream filter to delete from TEXT bundle
ItemArchive Encapsulates the Item in the context of the DSpace Archive Format
ItemUpdate Provides some batch editing capabilities for items in DSpace: Metadata fields - Add, Delete Bitstreams - Add, Delete The design has been for compatibility with ItemImporter in the use of the DSpace archive format which is used to specify changes on a per item basis.
MetadataUtilities Miscellaneous methods for metadata handling that build on the API which might have general utility outside of the specific use in context in ItemUpdate.
OriginalBitstreamFilter Filter all bitstreams in the ORIGINAL bundle Also delete all derivative bitstreams, i.e.
OriginalWithDerivativesBitstreamFilter Filter all bitstreams in the ORIGINAL bundle Also delete all derivative bitstreams, i.e.
ThumbnailBitstreamFilter Bitstream filter targetting the THUMBNAIL bundle
UpdateBitstreamsAction Base class for Bitstream actions
UpdateMetadataAction This abstract subclass for metadata actions maintains a collection for the target metadata fields expressed as a string in the compound notation ( .. ) on which to apply the action when the method execute is called.

Exception Summary
BitstreamFilterException Exception class for BitstreamFilters

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