Defines usage event instrumentation points and provides implementations for testing.


Interface Summary
Report Sn interface to a generic report generating class, and to provide the polymorphism necessary to allow the report generator to generate any number of different formats of report Note: This used to be an abstract class, but has been made an interface as there wasn't any logic contained within it.

Class Summary
CreateStatReport This class allows the running of the DSpace statistic tools Usage: java CreateStatReport -r Available:
HTMLReport This class provides HTML reports for the ReportGenerator class
LogAnalyser This class performs all the actual analysis of a given set of DSpace log files.
LogLine This class represents a single log file line and the operations that can be performed on it The components that it represents are: Date, Level, User, Action, and additional Params
ReportGenerator This class performs the action of coordinating a usage report being generated using the standard internal aggregation file format as a basis.
ReportTools This class provides a number of tools that may be useful to the methods which generate the different types of report
Stat This is a primitive class to represent a single statistic, which will generally be a key value pair but with the capabilities for being sorted Note: this class has a natural ordering that is inconsistent with equals
Statistics This class provides a wrapper for a related set of statistics.
StatisticsLoader Helper class for loading the analysis / report files from the reports directory

Package Description

Defines usage event instrumentation points and provides implementations for testing.

This package makes usage instrumentation (for statistics, or whatever else you may fancy) pluggable, while avoiding any unnecessary assumptions about how usage events may be transmitted, persisted, or processed.

At appropriate points in the processing of user actions, events may be assembled and "fired". What happens when an event is fired is configurable via the PluginManager. One must configure a plugin for the AbstractUsageEvent class, defined in this package, to select an event processing implementation.

Three "stock" implementations are provided.

absorbs events without taking action, resulting in behavior identical to that of DSpace before this package was added. This is the default if no plugin is configured.
writes event records to a file in Tab Separated Values format.
writes event records to a file in an XML format. Suitable mainly for testing.

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