Class Summary
AuthorizeUtil This class is an addition to the AuthorizeManager that perform authorization check on not crud (ADD, WRITE, etc.) actions.
DailyFileAppender Special log appender for log4j.
DCInput Class representing a line in an input form.
DCInputSet Class representing all DC inputs required for a submission, organized into pages
DCInputsReader Submission form generator for DSpace.
DSpaceContextListener Class to initialize / cleanup resources used by DSpace when the web application is started or stopped
MetadataExposure Static utility class to manage configuration for exposure (hiding) of certain Item metadata fields.
OpenSearch Utility Class with static methods for producing OpenSearch-compliant search results, and the OpenSearch description document.
SubmissionConfig Class representing a single Item Submission config definition, organized into steps.
SubmissionConfigReader Item Submission configuration generator for DSpace.
SubmissionInfo Information about an item being editing with the submission UI
SubmissionStepConfig Class representing configuration for a single step within an Item Submission Process.
SyndicationFeed Invoke ROME library to assemble a generic model of a syndication for the given list of Items and scope.
Util Miscellaneous utility methods

Exception Summary
DCInputsReaderException This is a superclass for exceptions representing a failure when importing or exporting a package.

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