Package org.dspace.authenticate

End-user authentication manager, interface and implementations.


Interface Summary
AuthenticationMethod Implement this interface to participate in the stackable authentication mechanism.

Class Summary
AuthenticationManager Access point for the stackable authentication methods.
IPAuthentication Adds users to special groups based on IP address.
IPMatcher Quickly tests whether a given IPv4 4-byte address matches an IP range.
LDAPAuthentication Authentication module to authenticate against a flat LDAP tree where all users are in the same unit.
LDAPHierarchicalAuthentication This LDAP authentication method is more complex than the simple 'LDAPAuthentication' in that it allows authentication against structured heirarchical LDAP trees of users.
PasswordAuthentication A stackable authentication method based on the DSpace internal "EPerson" database.
ShibAuthentication Shibboleth authentication for DSpace, tested on Shibboleth 1.3.x and Shibboleth 2.x.
X509Authentication Implicit authentication method that gets credentials from the X.509 client certificate supplied by the HTTPS client when connecting to this server.

Exception Summary
IPMatcherException Thrown when there is a problem parsing an IP matcher specification.

Package org.dspace.authenticate Description

End-user authentication manager, interface and implementations.

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