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org.dspace.browse Provides classes and mehtods for browsing Items in DSpace by whatever is specified in the configuration. 

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Methods in org.dspace.browse that throw BrowseException
 BrowseInfo BrowseEngine.browse(BrowserScope bs)
          Perform a standard browse, which will return a BrowseInfo object that represents the results for the current page, the total number of results, the range, and information to construct previous and next links on any web page
 BrowseInfo BrowseEngine.browseMini(BrowserScope bs)
          Perform a limited browse, which only returns the results requested, without any extraneous information.
 void IndexBrowse.clearDatabase()
          delete all the existing browse tables
 String BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.createCollectionView(String table, String view, boolean execute)
 String BrowseCreateDAO.createCollectionView(String table, String view, boolean execute)
          Create the View of the full item index as seen from a collection.
 String BrowseCreateDAOOracle.createCollectionView(String table, String view, boolean execute)
 String BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.createCommunityView(String table, String view, boolean execute)
 String BrowseCreateDAO.createCommunityView(String table, String view, boolean execute)
          Create the View of the full item index as seen from a community If the boolean execute is true this operation should be carried out, and if it is false it should not.
 String BrowseCreateDAOOracle.createCommunityView(String table, String view, boolean execute)
 String[] BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.createDatabaseIndices(String table, List<Integer> sortCols, boolean value, boolean execute)
 String[] BrowseCreateDAO.createDatabaseIndices(String table, List<Integer> sortCols, boolean value, boolean execute)
          Create any indices that the implementing DAO sees fit to maximise performance.
 String[] BrowseCreateDAOOracle.createDatabaseIndices(String table, List<Integer> sortCols, boolean value, boolean execute)
 String BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.createDistinctMap(String table, String map, boolean execute)
 String BrowseCreateDAO.createDistinctMap(String table, String map, boolean execute)
          Create a table to hold a mapping between an item and a distinct metadata value that can appear across multiple items (for example, author names).
 String BrowseCreateDAOOracle.createDistinctMap(String table, String map, boolean execute)
 String BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.createDistinctTable(String table, boolean execute)
 String BrowseCreateDAO.createDistinctTable(String table, boolean execute)
          Create the table which will hold the distinct metadata values that appear in multiple items.
 String BrowseCreateDAOOracle.createDistinctTable(String table, boolean execute)
 String[] BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.createMapIndices(String disTable, String mapTable, boolean execute)
 String[] BrowseCreateDAO.createMapIndices(String disTable, String mapTable, boolean execute)
          Create any indices that the implementing DAO sees fit to maximise performance.
 String[] BrowseCreateDAOOracle.createMapIndices(String disTable, String mapTable, boolean execute)
 String BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.createPrimaryTable(String table, List sortCols, boolean execute)
 String BrowseCreateDAO.createPrimaryTable(String table, List sortCols, boolean execute)
          Create the main index table.
 String BrowseCreateDAOOracle.createPrimaryTable(String table, List sortCols, boolean execute)
 String BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.createSequence(String sequence, boolean execute)
 String BrowseCreateDAO.createSequence(String sequence, boolean execute)
          Create the sequence with the given name.
 String BrowseCreateDAOOracle.createSequence(String sequence, boolean execute)
 void BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.deleteByItemID(String table, int itemID)
 void BrowseCreateDAO.deleteByItemID(String table, int itemID)
          Delete the record for the given item id from the specified table.
 void BrowseCreateDAOOracle.deleteByItemID(String table, int itemID)
 void BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.deleteCommunityMappings(int itemID)
 void BrowseCreateDAO.deleteCommunityMappings(int itemID)
 void BrowseCreateDAOOracle.deleteCommunityMappings(int itemID)
 int BrowseDAOPostgres.doCountQuery()
 int BrowseDAOOracle.doCountQuery()
 int BrowseDAO.doCountQuery()
          This executes a query which will count the number of results for the parameters you set.
 int BrowseDAOPostgres.doDistinctOffsetQuery(String column, String value, boolean isAscending)
 int BrowseDAOOracle.doDistinctOffsetQuery(String column, String value, boolean isAscending)
 int BrowseDAO.doDistinctOffsetQuery(String column, String value, boolean isAscending)
          This executes a query which returns the offset where the value (or nearest greater equivalent) can be found in the specified table ordered by the column.
 String BrowseDAOPostgres.doMaxQuery(String column, String table, int itemID)
 String BrowseDAOOracle.doMaxQuery(String column, String table, int itemID)
 String BrowseDAO.doMaxQuery(String column, String table, int itemID)
          This executes a query which returns the value of the "highest" (max) value in the given table's column for the given item id.
 int BrowseDAOPostgres.doOffsetQuery(String column, String value, boolean isAscending)
 int BrowseDAOOracle.doOffsetQuery(String column, String value, boolean isAscending)
 int BrowseDAO.doOffsetQuery(String column, String value, boolean isAscending)
          This executes a query which returns the offset where the value (or nearest greater equivalent) can be found in the specified table ordered by the column.
 List BrowseDAOPostgres.doQuery()
 List BrowseDAOOracle.doQuery()
 List BrowseDAO.doQuery()
          This executes a query which returns a List object containing BrowseItem objects represening the results of a full item browse.
 List BrowseDAOPostgres.doValueQuery()
 List BrowseDAOOracle.doValueQuery()
 List BrowseDAO.doValueQuery()
          This executes a query which returns a List object containing String values which represent the results of a single value browse (for example, the list of all subject headings).
 String BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.dropIndexAndRelated(String table, boolean execute)
 String BrowseCreateDAO.dropIndexAndRelated(String table, boolean execute)
          Drop the given table name, and all other resources that are attached to it.
 String BrowseCreateDAOOracle.dropIndexAndRelated(String table, boolean execute)
 String BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.dropSequence(String sequence, boolean execute)
 String BrowseCreateDAO.dropSequence(String sequence, boolean execute)
          Drop the given sequence name.
 String BrowseCreateDAOOracle.dropSequence(String sequence, boolean execute)
 String BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.dropView(String view, boolean execute)
 String BrowseCreateDAO.dropView(String view, boolean execute)
          Drop the given view name.
 String BrowseCreateDAOOracle.dropView(String view, boolean execute)
static BrowseIndex BrowseIndex.getBrowseIndex(SortOption so)
          Get the configured browse index that is defined to use this sort option
static BrowseIndex BrowseIndex.getBrowseIndex(String name)
          Get the browse index from configuration with the specified name.
static BrowseIndex[] BrowseIndex.getBrowseIndices()
          Get an array of all the browse indices for the current configuration
static BrowseCreateDAO BrowseDAOFactory.getCreateInstance(Context context)
          Get an instance of the relevant Write Only DAO class, which will conform to the BrowseCreateDAO interface
 int BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.getDistinctID(String table, String value, String authority, String sortValue)
 int BrowseCreateDAO.getDistinctID(String table, String value, String authority, String sortValue)
          Get the browse index's internal id for the location of the given string and sort value in the given table.
 int BrowseCreateDAOOracle.getDistinctID(String table, String value, String authority, String sortValue)
static BrowseDAO BrowseDAOFactory.getInstance(Context context)
          Get an instance of the relevant Read Only DAO class, which will conform to the BrowseDAO interface
static BrowseItemDAO BrowseDAOFactory.getItemInstance(Context context)
          Get an instance of the relevant Read Only DAO class, which will conform to the BrowseItemDAO interface
 Item[] BrowseInfo.getItemResults(Context context)
          Return the results of the Browse as an Item array.
 String BrowseIndex.getSortField(boolean isSecondLevel)
          Get the field for sorting associated with this index
 SortOption BrowserScope.getSortOption()
          Obtain the sort option
static BrowseDAOUtils BrowseDAOFactory.getUtils(Context context)
          Get an instance of the relevant DAO Utilities class, which will conform to the BrowseDAOUtils interface
 void IndexBrowse.indexItem(Item item)
          Index the given item
 void IndexBrowse.initBrowse()
          index everything
 int BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.insertDistinctRecord(String table, String value, String authority, String sortValue)
 int BrowseCreateDAO.insertDistinctRecord(String table, String value, String authority, String sortValue)
          Insert the given value and sort value into the distinct index table.
 int BrowseCreateDAOOracle.insertDistinctRecord(String table, String value, String authority, String sortValue)
 void BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.insertIndex(String table, int itemID, Map sortCols)
 void BrowseCreateDAO.insertIndex(String table, int itemID, Map sortCols)
          Insert an index record into the given table for the given item id.
 void BrowseCreateDAOOracle.insertIndex(String table, int itemID, Map sortCols)
 boolean IndexBrowse.itemAdded(Item item)
 boolean IndexBrowse.itemChanged(Item item)
 boolean IndexBrowse.itemRemoved(int itemID)
 boolean IndexBrowse.itemRemoved(Item item)
          remove all the indices for the given item
static void IndexBrowse.main(String[] argv)
          Creates Browse indexes, destroying the old ones.
 void BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.pruneDistinct(String table, String map)
 void BrowseCreateDAO.pruneDistinct(String table, String map)
          So that there are no distinct values indexed which are no longer referenced from the map table, this method checks for values which are not referenced from the map, and removes them.
 void BrowseCreateDAOOracle.pruneDistinct(String table, String map)
 void BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.pruneExcess(String table, String map, boolean withdrawn)
 void BrowseCreateDAO.pruneExcess(String table, String map, boolean withdrawn)
          So that any left over indices for items which have been deleted can be assured to have been removed, this method checks for indicies for items which are not in the item table.
 void BrowseCreateDAOOracle.pruneExcess(String table, String map, boolean withdrawn)
 void BrowseInfo.setBrowseContainer(DSpaceObject dso)
          Set the DSpaceObject that is the container for this browse.
 void BrowserScope.setBrowseContainer(DSpaceObject dso)
          Set the DSpaceObject that is the container for this browse.
 void BrowserScope.setBrowseIndex(BrowseIndex browseIndex)
 void BrowserScope.setSortBy(int sortBy)
 void BrowseOutput.sql(String sql)
          Pass in some SQL.
static String[] BrowseIndex.tables()
 boolean BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.testTableExistance(String table)
 boolean BrowseCreateDAO.testTableExistance(String table)
          Find out of a given table exists.
 boolean BrowseCreateDAOOracle.testTableExistance(String table)
 void BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.updateCommunityMappings(int itemID)
 void BrowseCreateDAO.updateCommunityMappings(int itemID)
 void BrowseCreateDAOOracle.updateCommunityMappings(int itemID)
 boolean BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.updateDistinctMappings(String table, int itemID, int[] distinctIDs)
 boolean BrowseCreateDAO.updateDistinctMappings(String table, int itemID, int[] distinctIDs)
          Update a mapping between an item id and a distinct metadata field such as an author, who can appear in multiple items.
 boolean BrowseCreateDAOOracle.updateDistinctMappings(String table, int itemID, int[] distinctIDs)
 boolean BrowseCreateDAOPostgres.updateIndex(String table, int itemID, Map sortCols)
 boolean BrowseCreateDAO.updateIndex(String table, int itemID, Map sortCols)
          Updates an index record into the given table for the given item id.
 boolean BrowseCreateDAOOracle.updateIndex(String table, int itemID, Map sortCols)

Constructors in org.dspace.browse that throw BrowseException
BrowseCreateDAOOracle(Context context)
          Required constructor for classes implementing the BrowseCreateDAO interface.
BrowseCreateDAOPostgres(Context context)
          Required constructor for classes implementing the BrowseCreateDAO interface.
BrowseDAOOracle(Context context)
BrowseDAOPostgres(Context context)
          Required constructor for use by BrowseDAOFactory
BrowseEngine(Context context)
          Create a new instance of the Browse engine, using the given DSpace Context object.
BrowseItemDAOOracle(Context context)
BrowseItemDAOPostgres(Context context)
          Construct a new object which will obtain the configuration for itself
          Construct a new index browse.
IndexBrowse(Context context)
          Create a new IndexBrowse object.
          Create a new instance of the Item list configuration.

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