Class SHERPARoMEOPublisher

  extended by org.dspace.content.authority.SHERPARoMEOProtocol
      extended by org.dspace.content.authority.SHERPARoMEOPublisher
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public class SHERPARoMEOPublisher
extends SHERPARoMEOProtocol

Sample Publisher name authority based on SHERPA/RoMEO WARNING: This is a very crude and incomplete implementation, done mainly as a proof-of-concept. Any site that actually wants to use it will probably have to refine it (and give patches back to

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Larry Stone
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Choices getMatches(String text, int collection, int start, int limit, String locale)
          Get all values from the authority that match the proferred value.
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Constructor Detail


public SHERPARoMEOPublisher()
Method Detail


public Choices getMatches(String text,
                          int collection,
                          int start,
                          int limit,
                          String locale)
Description copied from interface: ChoiceAuthority
Get all values from the authority that match the proferred value. Note that the offering was entered by the user and may contain mixed/incorrect case, whitespace, etc so the plugin should be careful to clean up user data before making comparisons. Value of a "Name" field will be in canonical DSpace person name format, which is "Lastname, Firstname(s)", e.g. "Smith, John Q.". Some authorities with a small set of values may simply return the whole set for any sample value, although it's a good idea to set the defaultSelected index in the Choices instance to the choice, if any, that matches the value.

Specified by:
getMatches in interface ChoiceAuthority
Specified by:
getMatches in class SHERPARoMEOProtocol
text - user's value to match
collection - database ID of Collection for context (owner of Item)
start - choice at which to start, 0 is first.
limit - maximum number of choices to return, 0 for no limit.
locale - explicit localization key if available, or null
a Choices object (never null).

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