Package org.dspace.text.filter

Interface Summary
TextFilter Define an interface for all browse ordering filters.

Class Summary
DecomposeDiactritics Decompose diacritic characters to character + diacritic
InitialArticleWord Abstract class for implementing initial article word filters Allows you to create new classes with their own rules for mapping languages to article word lists.
Language Define languages - both as IANA and ISO639-2 codes
LowerCaseAndTrim Lowercase and trim leading / trailing whitespace
MARC21InitialArticleWord Implements MARC 21 standards to disregard initial definite or indefinite article in sorting.
StandardInitialArticleWord Implements existing DSpace initial article word behaviour Note: This only works for languages defined with ISO code entries.
StripDiacritics Strips decomposed diacritic characters from the supplied string

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