Package org.dspace.workflow

DSpace's workflow system


Class Summary
WorkflowItem Class representing an item going through the workflow process in DSpace
WorkflowManager Workflow state machine Notes: Determining item status from the database: When an item has not been submitted yet, it is in the user's personal workspace (there is a row in PersonalWorkspace pointing to it.) When an item is submitted and is somewhere in a workflow, it has a row in the WorkflowItem table pointing to it.

Package org.dspace.workflow Description

DSpace's workflow system

DSpace has a simple workflow system, which models the workflows as 5 steps: SUBMIT, three intermediate steps (STEP1, STEP2, STEP3), and ARCHIVE. When an item is submitted to DSpace, it is in the SUBMIT state. If there are no intermediate states defined, then it proceeds directly to ARCHIVE and is put into the main DSpace archive.

EPerson groups may be assigned to the three possible intermediate steps, where they are expected to act on the item at those steps. For example, if a Collection's owners desire a review step, they would create a Group of reviewers, and assign that Group to step 1. The members of step 1's Group will receive emails asking them to reiview the submission, and will need to perform an action on the item before it can be rejected back to the submitter or placed in the archive.

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