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Cultural Imaginings: the Making of the Arab World in the Western Mind

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Cultural Imaginings: the Making of the Arab World in the Western Mind is a collaboration between The George Washington University's Gelman Library and Georgetown University's Lauinger Library funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services to evaluate automatic book scanning methodology by digitizing approximately 2,500 monographic volumes and a number of bound manuscripts from the Middle East and North Africa.

The project will assess the cost-effectiveness of using automated digitization technologies and develop metrics to analyze the cost of digitization for high productivity and high quality images, with the goal of calculating the cost of digitization per page.

The Cultural Imaginings project will demonstrate how a high productivity digitization effort can produce a significant volume of scholarly content in a quick, convenient, and reliable manner, and allow scholars of all ages to study the “orientalization” of the Middle East in the popular imagination of the West.

Collections in this community

Most items selected for the Cultural Imaginings project are in the public domain. However, copyrights to some items may be held by creators or their descendants. The Gelman Library at George Washington University respects the interests of copyright holders and encourages them to contact us with questions about participation in this project. Users of these materials are also responsible for compliance with relevant copyright law.


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